SAMSUNG LT24D390SW/UX - Board:BN41-02152 - Blown IC: 208017

  • Anton2k
  • 21 Июн 2022
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I have a repair to do on a portable 14v TV manufactured by Samsung, the model of the TV is: LT24D390SW/UX and the model of the control board inside the TV is: BN41-02152 there is also the same code under it just with a C added at the end so BN41-02152C

I believe the power cord in the back of the TV was yanked out and it caused an IC to blow inside, I inspected the board and found the blown component, the IC is marked as 208017 - which I believe after getting some advice from other people is a voltage regulator / booster.

The only place I can find selling the component is a seller on Alibaba -  ссылка скрыта от публикации 

What I wanted to do is try and find a like for like component so I could replace it with something more easily source able. From what I can make out by scant bits of info scattered across the internet, TI (Texas Instruments) manufacture the component, but I can't find a thing on their site in relation to the number on the chip. I contacted the seller in china to see if they had a datasheet but they don't. I contacted TI directly via their live chat, but they just kept asking if I purchased the component from them directly and don't want anything to do with my request unless I provide some kind of purchase proof, all I really wanted to know was if this was a component they manufacture and if they had a data sheet, they didn't answer any of my questions.

My question is, the chip is an actual thing, why would TI not produce or make available a datasheet for it? I also found a Russian forum where it looks like the guy has the same issue as me trying to find the part but I couldn't make much sense of what was going on, even after translating the page to English.

Other than getting a full new board, or a for parts board and removing this part (presuming that it still works) or just buying a new TV, what other options do I have? How are we meant to be environmentally friendly and repair electronics if the manufactures make our lives so difficult? Have they purposely made parts like this hard to locate to force our hand into buying a new boards directly from the manufacture?
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